So you are in a relationship now and you are exclusive and carry that girlfriend title. That is all fine and well, but not many women want to carry that title forever and why should you? You deserve it all. You want to know that this man shares your hopes and dreams and sees you as his forever girl. You want to marry him.

To get from girlfriend to wife you have to be the kind of woman that takes pride in herself. She does not have to be forever glued to her man's side to validate who she is. She does not need him to complete her. She is already complete and he must feel a deep drive to be a part of your wonderful already fulfilled life. She does not lose herself in her man and over please him to hold onto him. She inspires him to hold on just by being the wonderful woman full of feminine grace.

She also has walking power. She has set her boundaries and knows what she will and will not tolerate. A future husband will see these qualities by being in her presence. He will know that should he overstep these boundaries, she will not hesitate to put herself first and walk. These are the qualities that men find irresistible and convince him that you are the woman he would be foolish to let get away.

In order for a man to pick you he must feel that you are like no other and he must feel that he could never go back to anything else. He has to feel you fit into his life, accept him, and are not going to change him. Men fear a woman is going to try and change them into something else more than anything because face it, that's what the majority of women do. You hear it from men all the time.